sábado, 4 de maio de 2019

Massive update (works from last year and some from the current year)

Hey there, been a while since the last post!

I´ll throw a lot of work done last year, practice, sketchbook doodles and practice, digital ppainting pratice from photos ( i apologize in advance if i don´t remeber the awesome sources for the refs) and several character design projects.

                                                  Streets of Rage characters redesign ( fan art)
                                                    2 entirely new designs; Daiji and Emma

                                                                     Now the badguys


                                                                         Mr. X Jr.

                                                               Last Year´s Inktober

                                           Samurai character design concept ( Sekigahara 1600)

                                                         A few caricature comissions

                                                           Tons of studies and practice


 And to close the post, a last year mini project, characters for a fighting game ( not all characters
                                                                     will be posted)

                                                    Sketches and early fighter concepts

                                ... And studying the awesome artwork of Street fighter alpha 3